Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Glasgow Jubilee 2014 - Highlights

I look forward to the New Glasgow Jubilee every year. This is our 3rd year in a row attending. The first year Lead Mule played on the main stage so a crew of us ventured to New Glasgow. It was my first time having New Glasgow pizza with the world famous brown sauce. They ship that pizza everywhere. I was blown away by the hospitality of the staff and volunteers who work so hard to put the event together. So much so, that we returned the following year.

This year Lead Mule and Rain Over St Ambrose each played, so again, a crew of us Yarmouthians ventured to New Glasgow. I had been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time. The schedule was as follows:

Friday, August 1: The MedsAlert The Medic, Crash Karma, Danko Jones and Town Heroes
Saturday, August 2: Rain Over St. Ambrose, Kim Wempe, Adam Baldwin, Sam Roberts Band and Scientists of Sound
Sunday, August 3: SoHo Ghetto, Carleton Stone, Mo Kenney, Steven Page, and Tom Fun Orchestra
Late Night Stage at the Acro Lounge & EateryFriday: The Meds, Black City AvengerSaturday: Lead Mule, and Alert The MedicSunday: Machete, Rain Over St. Ambrose

I managed to grab a few shows, but honestly over the 3 days we were there I barely touched my camera. I did have an amazing time though. The first collage is Lead Mule playing the late night stage at the Acro Lounge on Saturday night. I tried to get pictures of Rain Over on Sunday night. They are all blurry though, I blame the wine... and probably all of the dancing I was doing.

Steven Page played Sunday night. His band was incredibly tight and they were very entertaining. He danced all over the stage as he played some of his solo stuff and some Bare Naked Ladies songs.

Here are a few random pics that were on my phone after the weekend. Some I took, some Melanie took. We had a time!

Mat, Marc and I met Jeff Burrows backstage. He is the drummer for Crash Karma and the Tea Party.

I didn't take this picture. It wasn't even on my phone! It's a picture of a bunch of us leaving the hotel. We are on our way down to the main stage. This isn't the entire crew though. If you want a pair of those yoga pants in the picture, send Lead Mule a message on Facebook. Mat will order a pair for you!

Next year is the 20th anniversary of  the Jubilee. I can't wait!

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