Monday, May 27, 2013


So, I've been working on this new song for the last couple weeks and I'm mostly just tweaking with lyrics right now. When out of nowhere comes this song, I received it nearly completely whole and the lyrics came about as naturally as they can. In under an hour this new song had life and I felt like Doctor Frankenstein. It's called Sweetheart, I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


While writing the song "Masks" the Blue Masks poem came to mind:

"She had blue skin and so did he. He kept it hid and so did she. They searched for blue their whole life through, then passed right by - and never knew."

We all wear them sometimes, often to protect ourselves from situations where we think we might feel pain. We have masks that we wear everyday and there are masks that we reserve for special occasions.  I wonder how many we can detect in our own lives and what life would be like if we each began to embrace our vulnerabilities and loved all of those things within ourselves...sounds like a lot of work though! ;-)

Without further delay on this beautiful sunny day, here is my newest song: