Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thoughts - Storytelling, Expression

I often reflect upon the things that are important to me to help me gain perspective and even work through insights. This process sometimes helps me understand myself in a new way or expand upon ideas which are already familiar to me.

Music is important to me.
Family is important to me.

These two ideas are constant variables in my life. I will always be a mother and I will always live and breath in song. Those two things are interwoven into the very depths of my being.

Creative Expression is important to me.
Storytelling is important to me. 

I love a good story and I place a  high value on creative expression. Those two things shape why I enjoy video editing and songwriting so much; through both mediums I create and tell stories. During this process I expend much pent up energy. I love the satisfaction of knowing that what I made did not previously exist. Most of all, I get to know myself a little better each time something is created. It took a while to release that the things I make are imperfect, just like me. These creations aren't just imperfect though, they are expressions of MY imperfection. The times when I have loved and lost contains a story, as does each heart strand connecting you to another person, idea, belief or inanimate object.

Ya know, we often don't dig deep enough into our own selves to observe our story unfold. In the same breath, we don't often pull ourselves away from our own selves to observe the story. It is too easy to succumb to distraction; and not that distraction isn't good sometimes. I have personally observed that it is vital to balance the times when you allow yourself to be distracted with the times when you need to clearly be focused. Sometimes, in order to be completely present you need to allow your mind to drift and your attention to shift. Sometimes, this is the way new stories are made.

Balance and Perspective, I value you too.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little White Lies (Original)

For the approval of the midnight society, here is the latest song that I have been working on. I call it 'Little White Lies'.