Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rhythm Tracks - Check

I've been a busy little bee in our basement studio. We have Pro tools set up here, this way we can take in our tracks here without having to travel back and forth to the city, or rush our recording sessions. It is nice to know that we are compatible with other studios so if we want to send things out for mixing and mastering, we can. Last week, I took it upon myself to get a few guitar tracks under way. I got the guitar rhythm tracks done for 3 songs so far. I still plan on recording a few more, including a couple that I wrote on the piano once we get the midi section of the studio geared up. Then we'll select the ones that turned out the best and go from there.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Gardener (Original)

I'm no master gardener but I am certainly passionate about it. In the warm months, the garden is my home away from home. Close friends have often joked about building me a mud hut in the garden area so I would never have to come back to the house. I love to play in the dirt and I love to be outside in the sunshine. I can often be seen softly strumming the guitar in my garden complete with a cup of tea, my yoga mat and a blanket. I love garden yoga and I feel so rejuvenated with the warm sun beating down on me, I breath deeper, feel better and all of that love gets put right back into the garden.