Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harmony Bazaar 2014 - Highlights

This is the first of the 3 events that I was looking forward to this summer. The Harmony Bazaar Festival of Woman and Song is a blast. Lockeport, Nova Scotia is a very small coastal community and the people are super nice. The Harmony Bazaar falls on my birthday every year, so I have an extra reason to look forward to the event. Errin, the festival coordinator is such a nice person and the staff and the volunteers work so hard to put everything together. Here are a few pics and videos from the weekend.

Mat is loading the last couple things into the CRV. A cooler and our small BBQ. That BBQ has served us well on trips such as this. It caught fire though, but we put it out and gave it a good cleaning. That's what happens when you cook greasy sausages.

We got to Lockeport around 8 pm and set up the tent and cooked a bite to eat before we headed down to the festival grounds. There was 4 of us camping together, we were graciously offered a camping spot at the home of a couple local residents. I bought a box of Sawmill creek wine for the weekend. That stuff goes a long way! We had a couple drinks and got there just in time to catch Natalie Lynn and band.

Steffie grabbed this photo of me performing Peace of Mind during a songwriters circle Saturday afternoon, where I performed with Kim Harris, Alyssa Leblanc and Chelsea Nickerson.

Erika Kulnys wrote this beautiful song called "Have you finished writing those Break up songs?" it gave me the chills. It is stunning! She is such a beautiful soul.

Jessie Brown and the Black Devine rocked the hell out of the side stage on Saturday night! I love the bands sound and I LOVE her voice. She's the next Etta James as far as I'm concerned!

Afterwards Mat and I took a little break, had a bite to eat and some more wine and recorded this foolish little number for Instagram.

Jully Black put on an AMAZING show. She had backup dancers! She danced all the way to the merch table while her band kept on playing and she signed cd's for people. This woman can entertain and she emits confidence and power. She's a queen bee!

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