Monday, March 10, 2014

Guitar tracks are Complete! #GettingErDone

It's time! I can barely contain myself. We're getting this album done! Last week, I recorded rhythm tracks and pretty finger picking tracks to 7 songs.

I often worry too much during recording sessions. I suffer from "Recording Light Pressure"... I named it myself. It's the state of panic that occurs when the record button is pressed. I know it's absurd considering I perform in public, but recording really is a completely different vibe. I get anxious when that button is pressed and only when I'm trying to record guitar or keys. I feel relaxed when I'm laying down vocal tracks. I did fine though. Instead of downright panic, my entire body would tense until the stop button was pressed. But, you can't HEAR my body tensing up so we're good. Aside from that, the process wasn't painful at all. I kind of enjoyed it.

In a little over a week, when schedules slow down, Darbs will come in and lay down some drum tracks. I know it seems backwards but all the guitar tracks were recorded to a metronome, so it's good!

It has been such a long road to get to this point and I am so thrilled to see progress. I am so fortunate to have good people helping me with the process.

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