Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Snow Angel

Sometimes, I reflect on the people who have graced my life. I am grateful for you, each of you. There is a place in my heart that is only whole when I think about the things I have learned from the memories we've shared. Only when I think about the kindnesses and the hardships fought do I truly appreciate the wonders of each of us. There is no telling what the impact of a stranger or a loved one will yield in your life. When my grandfather passed away, my life changed.

I went out for a walk a couple days ago. The snow had been coming down quite hard and I felt weepy. My grandfather passed away Boxing Day 2006 and I do get a little sensitive this time of the year, whether I realize it or not. He was a very large presence in my life and the reason I am so passionate about music. I left the house hoping that nature would give me some perspective and by doing so, faced my fear of being eaten by a coyote in the night times. I live in rural Nova Scotia, it could happen.

The wind was calm and the flakes were big. I didn't make it very far down the road when I found myself captivated by these beautiful trees, back-lit and covered with snow. Sometimes, you have to be vulnerable before you can see the beauty around you.

I miss him a lot this year. Some years are worse than others. I feel him strongly, I can hear him clearly sometimes, like a whisper in the winds; He guides me ever so gently where I need to go. 

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