Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I ♥ Banjo #Music

I watched a documentary called "Give Me The Banjo" a last week. It is narrated by Steve Martin and I had a difficult time sitting through it; which by the way, had nothing to do with the movie. In fact, I loved it. I have watched it 3 times since then and I find it inspiring. Come to think about it, that is the very reason I had a difficult time watching it. The first time I sat through it, Mat and the boys were jamming in the basement and I really didn't want to interrupt their session. Not that it would have been a bother, but they are working on new material and I just wanted to let them be. So instead, I spent the entire first half of the movie daydreaming about the banjo every time I heard a banjo play in the movie. This is a frequent occurrence. I soon realized I had missed over half of the movie. I began the movie again. This time I watched the movie, well most of it. I still daydreamed about ol' Betty, it is rather unavoidable. Betty...

Betty is my Banjo's name. I call her "Banjo Betty" to be precise. She has a beautiful twang and is an excellent starter banjo. She is not electric, so I will have to invest in a banjo pickup if I ever decide to take her onstage. I met her in a music store in downtown Yarmouth. She had been there for quite sometime. Each time I walked into the shop, I would stand in front of her and I would just fantasize about our potential relationship. I never had the money to take her home. Some time afterwards, the music store closed down and they had a half price sale. I woke up in the morning determined to bring Banjo Betty home. I looked in the mirror that morning and even utter some positive affirmations about me coming home with the banjo. It turns out that 5 minutes after I purchased it, someone else came buy looking to purchase it. I was already grateful that Betty had become a part of my life, I felt that gratitude grow like the Grinch's heart.

The third time I watched the movie, I did it with Betty in my arms. I plucked playfully along with the soundtrack. My heart was singing as loud as Banjo Betty.

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