Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seeking out the Elusive Hemeon

The birthday bash was such a fun time. It was awesome to see the elusive Hemeon roaming about the Red Knight; although with all of the Yarmouth Band shirts floating around the venue, it was difficult to tell if it was him for certain. All jokes aside, Lynn was so happy and beamed the entire night. It was absolutely beautiful to see him finally get the recognition he deserved. About halfway through the show Zach Churchill presented Lynn with a plaque to recognize the countless hours he has dedicated to capturing and preserving Yarmouth Music on his Yarmouth Bands YouTube channel. He also laid down a pretty slick rap in Lynn's honor, it was quite amazing.

Who was the secret special guest? Not Mr. Churchill! The special guest was a live chicken carried on stage by a member of the Olympics. Shortly there after it was exchanged with cooked chicken and fed to the other members while they performed. Don't worry, no chickens were harmed.

This show had one of the largest turnouts I had seen at the Red Knight in quite some time. It was really good to see so many supporters of Lynn and the Yarmouth Music Scene in general.

Lynn: I wish you a very happy birthday and many years of joy and happiness.

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