Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Creative Process??

I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes trying to wrap my head around the creative process.

It's so different for everyone too depending on who they are as a person. As with life people can be very passive or aggressive with their arts. I've seen people go into almost a trance like state when the are creating, almost like they aren't even here! Almost like meditation in a sense.

For me, it's just something I do... sometimes it's as though a light-bulb went off in my brain. Sometimes it doesn't even go off, I just become... aware of it. It isn't consistent either. I do not have access to a creative stencil, or magical formula to make things happen... I mean, creation just IS.

With songwriting, sometimes the music comes out first and I build around that. Perhaps a melody... Maybe, I might have two lines of lyrics stuck in my head which can inspire a whole other world of ideas. Let us not forget about the other creative things like still design, film, crafting, drawing, animation... Look at that surface! Scratch free.

So, I decided to Google "the creative thinking process". Google answered.

The 5 steps to the Creative Thinking Process are as follows:

1. Goal
2. Creative Thinking
3. Prioritization
4. Plan/Take Action
5. Evaluation




That is a very logical response...

That's also assuming I decided to write a song, in most cases the song decided to write itself. Or I started doodling and the drawing just happened. Or I end up going overboard editing something I was just messing around with and coming up with this random unexpected blessed gem!

But there are other very important things that aren't being considered. Have you every watched people create? There is passion, pride, ego, heart, psychology. All of these things make creation complicated and moody... and beautiful.

My brain hurts now, I think I have blogged enough for today. So goodnight to you :-)


  1. I had a good read here.

    Another lesson learned.Thanks!

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